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May 11, 2009


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Natalie MacNeil

I love reading about women entrepreneurs that we don't hear about every day. I try to feature as many such women as possible on

The stories of these successful entrepreneurs should inspire anyone THINKING about starting a business to DO IT! Don't wait :)




Ok, This comment has nothing to do with handbags really. Just wanna say, Rebecca you are totally GORGEOUS.


great lens bout women entrepreneurs, and the girl is very beautiful,will credit this and save.

Cedrick Niemitzio

Success comes to those who persevere under the hardest challenges. Only those who work hard and never gave up hope deserve to be called successful. It's great to hear stories of people like them.

igel kostüm

Your post is very interesting. it is very help full to me Thank you

ideas for company name

Well this only proves that not only guys are successful in this career. Here are some great girls that can compete to men anytime. :)

Darcy Grubaugh

Having the kind of attitude similar to that of these sisters would help one succeed in life. They worked hard just follow the path that would change their lives. Their partnership transcends beyond being just sisters, but also colleagues who cooperate and listen to each other.

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